Concrete Saws


Take a look at our concrete saw rental equipment below, or browse our full range of contact us for a quote.

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Electric wet or dry saw that can come with options Vacuum sled for attachment to vacuum or water pack for wet cutting. This light, easy to use handheld electric saw is capable of cutting 125mm deep and has a range of blades to suit different applications.

Power: 240v 10amp
Max cutting depth: 125mm
Weight: 8.5kg
Daily Charge: Starting from $240 per day including blade


A powerful and versatile 2 stroke, motorised demolition saw with a maximum cutting depth of 150mm. A range of diamond tipped and carborundum blades are available for Concrete, steel, masonry and asphalt applications.

Power: Petrol
Max cutting depth: 155mm
Weight: 11.6kg (empy, no blade)
Daily Charge: Starting from $240 including blade


Track Saw dry - 240v
Electric Saw for cutting mm deep. Ideal for internal cutting or straight line cutting with the tracks supplied in various lengths. Two sizes 125 and 230mm track lengths 1m-5m


240v 10amp

Max cut depth:






Designed for use with concrete saws in remote locations & when mains water is not on hand. Battery powered, the water supply unit minimises dust, reduces friction whilst cooling the blade for maximum productivity.

Power: Battery
Dimensions: 420 x 165 x 460
Weight: 3.9kg (empty)
Daily Charge: Starting from $26 per day