Equipment Range

DIY Grind hires specialist equipment that helps contractors with a range of concrete related jobs:

•    Grinding and polishing
•    Demolition
•    Floor stripping
•    Cutting and sawing
•    Cleaning and scrubbing; Chemicals and sealers
•    Mixing


 What project do you need to hire equipment for?

Cleaning: DIY Grind has auto scrubbers, dual pressure washers, polivacs and more. These are all perfect for different applications of cleaning floor surfaces. As well as a large range of cleaning chemicals available.

Grinding: Need to grind some trip hazards from your concrete whether this is commercial or residential DIY Grind has the right tooling for hire to make this a simple job to complete.

Cutting and sawing: If you need to make perfect cuts with straight guidelines or simply require a wet or dry concrete saw we have all the above available for hire.

Polishing: Want to try and polish your own floor or benchtop. DIY Grind has all the equipment that professionals use every day with the right diamonds and products needed so you can get the finish you want on a DIY Budget.

Mixing: Screed mixers, stand up mixers, mixing paddles there are a large range of applications that these mixers can be used to make your job easy whether you need to mix up a screed or mix some self-levelling topping.

Demolition: Ride on floor scrapers for the large applications, and jackhammers on trolleys for the smaller applications and grinders to finish the job. Everything you may need to remove floor coverings is available for hire today
Timber Floors: We have grinders available specifically designed to make sanding timber floors an easy process. Speak to us today about this setup

Sealers:  A large range of sealers for sealing your newly ground surface

Please contact us today at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 0243141911