Maintenance of polished concrete

Just like your car polished concrete requires regular maintenance to keep it looking clean and fresh and shinny. There are different types of polished concrete so different methods are needed. 

Polished concrete with a topical sealer like polyurethane:

After coating and the floor has cured, we recommend using floor mats inside and outside all entrances, this will assist in reducing the grit, sand and small stones from shoes and feet that when walked over your floor act like sandpaper. Use protective pads under furniture and dont drag any large furniture items across the floor as this will scratch it. 

Regularly sweep the floor with an anti-static mop or soft bristled broom, the frequency of cleaning required is dependent on how used the floor is by people children and pets. 

To clean the floor, mix up one cup of methylated spirits into a bucket of hot water and mop the floor regularly refreshing the mop. If the floor is very dirty we recommend washing first with a non-abrasive detergent (ideally ph-neutral) and then follow with the methylated spirits and water solution. 


Diamond polished concrete:

There are two main parts to maintaining a diamoind polished concrete floor:
* Cleaning
* Refreshing/Revitalizing

Cleaning is obvious. Daily sweeping or mopping helps keep dirt and grime from building up. Of course, clean up spills of anything as soon as they happen.
Weekly or twice weekly cleaning with an approved cleaning solution, keeps your polished concrete floor in top condition.
Refreshing is just running a dry high-speed burnisher over the sealed floor. This is usually enough, week to week or month to month, to pop that shine right back to β€œnew.” Of course, it'll take some
high traffic levels to wear the gloss down enough to where you'll need to refresh.
Revitalizing means reapplying a thin coat of  the impregnated sealer used and burnishing it in. Doing this a couple times a year – or more if needed – makes sure the floor's gloss level stays high.

Routine Cleaning Tips
1. Clean up spills as fast as possible. Less time on the floor means less chance of stains.
2. Pick up large debris by hand.
3. Sweep or dust-mop entire floor.
4. Auto-scrub entire floor.
a. Dilute the cleaners one 120mL PAX per 10 Liters of clean water in an auto-scrubber with moderate pressure (Choose pad based on manufacturer recommendations).
b. Dilute cleaners 120mL PAX per 7.5 Liters of clean water for above average levels of dirt.
c. Use a mop for hard-to-reach areas or if you don't have an auto-scrubber.
NEVER  use acidic or alkaline cleaners on diamond polished concrete floors