Tile Removal; Is It that hard?

Everyone has some old tiles they want to remove and sometimes it isnt cost effective to get a contractor out to do it. We have a range of equipment for hire which makes it quite easy to do.

 First step: Jack hammer the tiles out

Whilst this sounds daunting by using a jackhammer trolley with a tile lifter bit the jackhammer does it for you. This trolley is designed to take the load of the jackhammer. the bulk of the work can be done with this tool. A large majority of the tile adhesive can also be removed using this jack hammer and tile bit. A small amount of work will need to be done wither by removing the jackhammer or using another smaller jack hammer in the tight edges and corners.

Step two:

Grind the adhesive, we have a small stand up grinder that is very easy to use and very effective at its job. When you hire the equipment we will give you a lesson on how to use the grinder and a range of diamonds to make sure you have the right one to get the job done. We also supply a vacuum which attaches to the grinder. It is important to keep concrete dust to a minimum so we have a range of vacuums perfectly designed for the job. 


Now all three items can be booked as a package deal which can save you lots of money in the long term. If you think you can tackle the tile or vinyl removal and you want to do it right, contact us and we can discuss your needs.