Did you know that in over 73% of cases, coatings fail because of

poor surface preperation/insufficient bond profile?

16% of coatings fail because of excessive moisure and a contaminent transmission.

5% Due to poor installation/contractor error. - Not enough material thickness- Materials improperly mixes- Materials too hot or too cold to catalyze


4% Job Site conditions.- Excessive Air Movement-Inadequate surface / air temperature- inadequate lighting- Moisture / pedestrian / trade interference

2% Unknown / unexplained or untestable failures



     At DIY Grind we provide the right grinders to ensure that each surface is correctly prepared for any type of coating such as epoxy. Without the correct preparation the floor will delaminate over time and essential fail. DIY Grind has small hand held grinders all the was up to large three phase and LPG grinders fro hire to ensure you get the job done right. It is important to create the right key to the concrete surface, this will give the coating/epoxy something to bind to ensuring that the floor doesnt quickly delaminate.  It is also critical that the floor is vacuum clean to remove any dust or dirt that can contaminate the coating. 16% fail due to moisture and often this is because the inncorrect coating has been chosen for the application. majority of epoxy coatings cannot be installed on green concrete and concrete   must be a minimum of 28 days old.  When done right epoxy floors can completely transform the space. Speak to us today and we will advise you on how and where to start.