IMG 1061Traditional polished concrete is the polished concrete that is first ground and then sealed with a topical sealer. This is hte best option for softer types of concrete like 20 and 25MPA. This is also a type of polished concrete and the DIYer can achieve themselves. YouTube is your friend !!! Once all the grinding is finished its time to choose a sealer. There are literally hundreds of different sealers on the market how do you choose? Its important to break it down on the area of application first. Is it inside or outside? IF outside you are going to want to use a more impregnating sealer otherwise it will be super slippery when wet. Inside you choice is wider. Do you want it glossy or more of a satin finish? Do you want a sealer that darkens the concrete gives it a wet look or do you prefer the more natural colour? 


You have old stencil concrete or covercrete or just exposed aggregate and you want to give it a birthday. It is very important that the concrete is correctly prepared before anything new is installed over the top.

Maintenance of polished concrete

Just like your car polished concrete requires regular maintenance to keep it looking clean and fresh and shinny. There are different types of polished concrete so different methods are needed. 

Did you know that in over 73% of cases, coatings fail because of

poor surface preperation/insufficient bond profile?


There are several different types of polished concrete availabled to you. The type of polished concrete will really depend on the quality of concrete you have. The type of polished concrete will also be affected by price, equipment and skills. I will go into further detail of each option but option 1 has a few names; traditional polished concrete and grind & seal. Option two; diamond polished concrete, mechanical polished concrete, HTC Superfloor, Hiperfloor, Pyrafloor and many more (they are all the same the difference is based on the different products used).


Tile Removal; Is It that hard?

Everyone has some old tiles they want to remove and sometimes it isnt cost effective to get a contractor out to do it. We have a range of equipment for hire which makes it quite easy to do.